We are Camilo and Daniela, directors of LIVING, top rated wedding photographers in Colombia. We love weddings and capturing the best moments on films and photos is our passion. We show our passion with our results, that is why, we have been selected as wedding photographers of the year and have earn multiple international awards.
We love to bring those tears of happiness when the newlyweds see their wedding photos and videos. We speak english and spanish fluently
About Us
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    Best Wedding destination Photographer

    Who we are

    We are a team of professional photographers and professional cinematographers with more10 years of experience and studies. Award winner of Wedding photographers of the year and rated best Wedding photographers in Colombia.

    We love our work, and we consider it our way of LIVING and one of our dreams come true.

    We focus on total satisfaction of our customers and in all the details of your wedding registered in the chamber of commerce, with NIT, Secured and bonded, following the bio-safety protocols.

    All this to protect your investment and your health in addition to being able to guarantee 100% satisfaction

    Top Wedding Photographers

    We have been rated 5 stars on Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Matrimonio.com, Zank you and many other places. We have been awarded national and international photography wedding awards and our goal is to keep getting these awards years after years and the only way of doing this is by providing a 100% satisfaction to all our customers.


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our previous couples have recommended us for years and we even become their family and business photographers and videographers. That is not by chance. We provide the best results and service because of our passion, equipment, experience and love for what  we do. It is not a job, is our way of LIVING 



    Awarded best wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer

    Our Mission

    To capture the best moments of your wedding with our cameras and lenses while providing a five-star service, guiding you and your couple all the steps of the way. Our goal is to capture the best memories of your wedding day.

    Our Vision

    To Continue giving our best, with premium results for all our clients and by this way continue to grow, get more international awards and be recognized for our beautiful wedding photos and videos

    The Best Wedding Photos & Videos

    You will receive the best wedding photos and videos of your wedding guaranteed. We make sure to understand what are your dream wedding photos and your wedding videos.

    We will have multiple meetings with you to make sure that we are covering all your special moments and be ready for your big day! There is only one chance on getting that amazing wedding picture that you want and we will make sure to get it!


    Guaranteed & Safe

    Wedding photography in Colombia and across the Americas has been our bread and butter for the last 10 years and we will keep doing it for the rest of our lives! This is what we love. We are registered as wedding photographers in Colombia, and you will have the assurance of a complete team that your investment will be safe, and you will receive amazing results. We also have the most complete equipment and latest cameras, lighting, audio and drones for you to have the best wedding photos and videos.

    Our Equipment

    As wedding photographers and videographers We use state-of-the-art professional cameras with 8k recording capability with multiple lenses specialized in our performance as wedding photographers and cinematographers. Our voice recording equipment isspecialized on weddings and will make sure to record amazing audio quality. We have a complete set of LED lighting that allows us to capture all your wedding day even in super slow motion. We also have drones for aerial photography and video that deliver incredible perspectives piloted by our certified equipment. The best of all is that we own everything and edit in our studio, that means lower costs for the best results

    Our Team